Partners & Projects (Archived)

We believe the Gospel is Good News for every part of life. Our partnerships with ministries around the world share a vision of introducing people to Jesus and fostering development and transformation in places that lack adequate access to literacy and education, Biblical training, healthcare, economic opportunity and social welfare.

As we connect followers of Jesus with the world’s least-reached people and places, we cultivate long-term, collaborative relationships with indigenous partners working for the spiritual and physical flourishing of their communities.


In Darfur, a region of west Sudan that has experienced much turmoil, followers of Jesus are making God’s love evident to those longing for hope, peace and a more stable future. Project funds provide education and pastoral training for new leaders who are serving among Sudan’s unreached people groups. Donate now.

One of our partner organizations, Light of Hope Ministry Ethiopia (LOHME), is reaching out to over 10 million Arsi Oromo people. The ministry approach is holistic, focusing on literacy, health, church planting, Bible translation and evangelism among this Muslim people group. Teams of teacher-evangelists are trained and sent to villages that want a school in their community. Teachers build peaceful relationships between Muslims and emerging followers of Jesus and seek to plant churches that reflect the forms and traditions of the local culture.

LOHME also trains nurses and other health professionals to work in village health stations while sharing the Gospel with the communities they serve. Funds help build and furnish village schools and Light of Hope Academy, a Christian training college for nurses and teacher-evangelists, while also providing scholarships for college students and support for Bible translation work in the Arsi Oromo language. See below for a list of giving opportunities:

  • Arsi Bible Translation: Funds for this project subsidize the salaries of the translation team and provide for the publication, purchase and distribution of print and digital audio Bibles. Donate now.
  • ESL Training: Funds for this project cover the course curriculum materials to teach English to LOHME teachers, evangelists and high school students. Donate now.
  • Ethno Music: Funds for this project support recording, duplication and distribution expenses for contextualized Gospel music in the Arsi Oromo language. Donate now.
  • Light of Hope Academy: Funds support the construction of this training school, which will equip teachers and nurses to reach the Arsi Oromo people with a holistic Gospel. Donate now.
  • Primary School Building Fund: Many Arsi Oromo children lack education because there are no schools within walking distance of their villages. This project constructs schools requested by communities, creating educational opportunities as well as open doors for LOHME teacher-evangelists to share the Good News of Jesus in the villages where they are placed. Donate now.
  • School Desks: Funds for this project furnish 200 desks for every four-classroom LOHME school. Donate now.
  • Teacher Salary: Funds for this project subsidize the salary for LOHME-trained teachers to staff new schools. Donate now.
  • Teacher Training: Funds for this project cover LOHME’s expenses to train high school graduates to be teachers in LOHME schools. Donate now.

The Eglise Evangélique de la République du Niger (EERN) is sharing the Good News of Jesus in a nation where there are few followers of Jesus. EERN is training church planters and pastors, establishing churches and helping people groups like the Hausa, Djerma, Fulani and Tuareg gain access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation improvements, education, health initiatives and medical care.

See below for a list of giving opportunities. To direct your gift to the project with the most immediate need, donate here.

  • Church Planter Support: Funds for this project support church planters and their families as they share the Good News and establish churches in rural areas. $1,200 supports a church planter and his family for one yearDonate now.
  • Farm Feasibility Study: EERN is committed to developing sustainable sources of income to support ministry efforts in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world. This project will fund a feasibility study to determine the viability of establishing an income-generating commercial farm on one of EERN’s Bible school propertiesDonate now.
  • Primary School Scholarships: This project provides scholarships for children who can’t otherwise afford tuition fees at EERN schools, where they receive an excellent education and have the chance to hear about God’s love for them. Scholarship funds also allow children of church planters to attend boarding school while their families live in rural villages without access to education. $200 provides one child with tuition, books and school uniforms for one yearDonate now.

Ongoing ethnic and religious conflict and famine have displaced many people from Sudan and South Sudan and forced them to seek safety in neighboring nations. We’ve partnered with a group of pastors who’ve expanded their ministry to serve refugees in East and Central Africa. They’re building relationships with formerly unengaged people groups, meeting practical needs and creating access to the Good News of Jesus. Funds for this project support efforts such as pastoral training, trauma counseling and travel between ministry areas. Donate now.

Middle East

Frontier Fellowship partners with ministries in the Middle East that are responding to the overwhelming interest among Arab Muslims to know more about Jesus. Funds for this project provide support for a ministry that disciples and equips new followers of Jesus in the Arab world, supporting and encouraging them in practical ways as they learn to walk out their faith in Jesus. Donate now.

Frontier Fellowship partners with ministries in the Middle East that are responding to the overwhelming interest among Arab Muslims to know more about Jesus. Funds for this project provide support for a ministry that is reaching out to Arab seekers in the Middle East and Europe in culturally honoring and compassionate ways with Arabic Bibles and other teaching resources. Donate now.

The Bible Society of Egypt, in cooperation with all Christian denominations, produces Bibles and other Christian materials for the general public of Egypt. In addition, it provides education about the history of the Bible in order to emphasize its reliability and veracity. This partner is currently working to translate the Good News of Jesus into new languages and dialects, enabling many more people throughout the Middle East to have access to God’s Word. Learn more.

There’s a known, long-established Arab Church in Egypt, and there’s also a growing underground church made up of people from different cultural backgrounds. A network of wise, gifted leaders are discipling new followers of Jesus in culturally sensitive ways. They’re also responding to the needs of the rising number of refugees entering Egypt. Funds for this project go directly to the unique needs of these workers and new disciples. Donate now.

Many Middle Eastern nations look to Egypt as a cultural, economic and political leader. Egypt also leads the Arab world with the highest number of Christians. God has given Egyptian followers of Jesus a vision to share the Gospel and is using the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) and the Egyptian Church to pioneer frontier mission movements throughout the Middle East and beyond. Funds for this project help support Egyptian missionaries who are responding to the overwhelming interest among Muslims to know more about Jesus. Donate now.

In 2003, Frontier Fellowship helped the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) establish a Missions Department. The nearly two decades of ongoing partnership since have enabled the ETSC Missions Department to translate frontier mission materials into Arabic, support graduating frontier missionaries and assist seminary professors in their frontier mission research and teaching projects. Learn more.

Jossour (meaning “Bridges of Hope” in Arabic) is a frontier mission mobilizing ministry and sending agency serving Egyptian and Arab churches in the Middle East. Their goal is to help strengthen local congregations for frontier mission service while also planting new churches among least-reached people groups in the region. They work with local congregations to develop a frontier mission vision and opportunities for short-term engagement in frontier mission. They also train, equip and send followers of Jesus called to full-time church planting service throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Learn more.

As Muslims find faith in Jesus and the underground church in Egypt grows, two of the greatest needs are for discipleship training tools and for trusting, healing, peacemaking environments between members of the known, long-established Arab Church and the underground church. Funds for this project supply books and videos written especially for Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) on the road of discipleship with Jesus as well as training events to encourage and equip Arab Church leaders to reach out to MBBs with hospitality, love and support. Donate now.

The underground church in the Persian world is experiencing phenomenal growth. Frontier Fellowship partners with key leaders and ministries to respond to the needs of this growing church. Funds for this project provide theological and practical training for pastors and leaders engaged in God’s work among Persians. Donate now.

Synod of the Nile, Egypt’s largest Protestant denomination, is training, equipping and sending followers of Jesus beyond the borders of Egypt to least-reached Arabic-speaking communities throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe. These workers and their families will share the Good News of Jesus in a variety of contexts and will help nurture and disciple new Arabic-speaking followers of Jesus. Learn more.

East Asia

Our ministry friends in Mongolia are mobilizing Christians with a vision to share the Good News of Jesus among nomads within their borders as well as unreached people groups in nearby countries—many of whom currently lack access to the Gospel. Learn more.

Central Asia

This partner organization is developing ministry leadership teams and sharing the Gospel with teens and young adults throughout Central Asia. Teams reach out to young people through sports programs, camps, discipleship programs and care for girls who’ve been abused. Through collaboration with local churches, the ministry equips new leaders and creates opportunities for leaders to meet periodically for training and support to strengthen their ministries. Funds for this project provide transportation and lodging for leaders who attend these events. Donate now.

Many Central Asian people seek employment in Russia as migrant workers because of Central Asia’s weak economy. Most of these migrants are Muslims, but some are Christians who have begun to plant home churches. Outside the restrictive atmosphere of their own nations, Central Asian Muslims in Russia experience greater freedom to explore the truth of the Gospel. Some have turned to Jesus and found a new spiritual home in a house church. Frontier Fellowship comes alongside several leaders of these movements to encourage and bless their efforts. Learn more.

Rise Development (Rise) is sharing the Good News of Jesus in word and deed among least-reached people groups in a Central Asian nation. By investing in communities through a variety of local development services, Rise is helping improve the lives of people in a struggling nation while also creating avenues of access for the Gospel to be shared, seeding longer-term transformation that flows from the heart of Christ. Learn more.

Two locally led NGOs in Central Asia operate shelters that offer holistic support to families shattered by domestic violence or forms of exploitation. Both shelters provide housing and services to women and children. The City shelter offers a vocational training program . The Mountain shelter specializes in domestic violence prevention programs for their region. Followers of Jesus on staff at the shelter are sharing God’s love in word and deed with women and children, helping them heal from physical and emotional wounds and prepare for lives free of violence. Learn more about Women’s Shelter: City and Women’s Shelter: Mountains.

South Asia

The Afghan Refugee Academy (ARA), located in South Asia and staffed by Christian teachers, is a secondary school for Afghan refugee students and families. Recognizing the importance of stability to a successful education, ARA employs a holistic approach in their mission to help refugee students graduate. Through the relational nature of ARA’s multi-faceted ministry, unreached peoples will have an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus. Learn more.

The majority of the more than half a billion Buddhists worldwide lack access to the Gospel, and only a small few even know a Christian personally. Frontier Fellowship is launching new efforts to develop relationships, networks and partnerships with indigenous ministries sharing the Good News of God’s Kingdom in the least-reached regions of the Buddhist world. Learn more.

Schools in the Sand provides primary school education for children from the Meghwal and Bhil unreached people groups, equipping them with the necessary tools to break the cycle of poverty and introducing them to the teachings of Christ. Learn more.

The projects below exist to provide church planters with the tools and support needed for taking the Gospel to those who haven’t yet heard. To direct your gift to the project with the most immediate need, donate here.

  • Finishing the Task: Frontier Fellowship has made a commitment through Finishing the Task to send new indigenous teams in South Asia to share the Good News of Jesus with four unengaged, unreached people groups. Funds for this project cover annual ministry and living expenses for church planting teams serving four least-reached people groups in the region. Donate now.
  • Tools: Funds for this project provide equipment such as audio devices with Scripture in numerous languages, musical instruments for house churches, smart phones and laptops for online training, and motorcycles or bicycles for church planters traveling long miles to reach the millions of unengaged peoples in South Asia. Donate now.

Frontier Fellowship is privileged to partner with indigenous ministries serving at the forefront of church planting and disciple-making movements among South Asia’s 2,500+ unreached people groups. These ministries demonstrate the Gospel in holistic ways and provide not only training in discipleship, church planting and evangelism, but also promote community development efforts like microfinance projects, health education, women’s initiatives, children’s homes, adult literacy programs and training in sustainable farming and small business practices. To make a general contribution to the exciting movement of God in this region, donate here.

A team in a South Asian nation is working on a Bible translation in a language spoken by over 200 million speakers in the Muslim world. Funds for this project support the ongoing translation effort. Learn more.

Southeast Asia

Indonesia, an archipelago in Southeast Asia, has the world’s largest population of Muslims. Our partner, Light of the Islands, is one of six indigenous church planting networks sharing the Good News of God’s Kingdom with Indonesians who have not yet heard it. They are witnessing a unique openness to the Gospel in this season. Funds for this project will provide salary and living expenses enabling new teams (of 2-3 church planters each and their families) to share the Good News of Jesus in an unreached region on one of Indonesia’s largest islands. Donate now.


Pars Theological Centre is a London-based ministry equipping and mobilizing the emerging Iranian Church. Since 2010, Pars has served followers of Jesus in Iran and the Iranian diaspora by providing spiritual formation and theological education through an online BA program, publications, media, leadership forums, pastoral training and counseling. Your gift helps Pars cultivate men and women of influence to serve and lead the Iranian Church, transforming the Persian-speaking world for the glory of God. Donate now.


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a 15-week course highlighting the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic aspects of God’s global purpose. It’s a powerful, effective tool for mobilizing and equipping the Church to respond to God’s call in mission. Funds for this project will help expand the reach of the Perspectives training by translating teaching material into other languages. Donate now.