Our Story

Frontier Fellowship traces its beginnings back to a kitchen table in Portland, Oregon, in 1981. It was there missiologist Ralph Winter, pioneer of the unreached people groups movement, shared his vision to revive a frontier missions focus within the United Presbyterian Church with Harold Kurtz, longtime missionary in Southwest Ethiopia. We began under Harold’s leadership as United Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship and were later renamed Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship.

As our organization developed over the years, God challenged us to take our ministry further in denominational and generational focus, wider in geographical scope and deeper in our understanding of frontier mission. Today we’re known as Frontier Fellowship, continuing to look toward the frontier where the Good News of Jesus has yet to find expression. We believe His message is for everyone, and each person deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel in the context of his or her language and culture.

To that end, we’re committed to our call to engage the Church—inviting, educating, inspiring, gathering and equipping followers of Jesus to embrace their God-given roles in making His name known among every nation, tribe, people and language.

Our Vision

For every people: an indigenous church
For every church: a mission vision

Our vision describes our two-fold conviction: God desires to be worshipped by all peoples through culturally unique expressions of faith, and the global Church is called to unity and participation in sharing the Good News of Jesus with those who still have little or no access to that message.

Our Mission

As part of God’s mission to the world, we invite believing communities to engage people groups
where the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom is not yet known.

If you or your church would like to learn more about how to deepen your frontier mission engagement, contact a staff member or our national office.