Mongolia Frontier Mission Initiatives / Mongolia

Followers of Jesus in Mongolia are mostly congregated in the cities, with very few Christians in the more rural parts of the nation. Mongolia Frontier Mission Initiatives is engaging and mobilizing Mongolian Christians with a vision to share the Good News of Jesus among nomads within their borders as well as unreached people groups in nearby countries—many of whom currently lack access to the Gospel. DONATE NOW



Help Mongolians reach their neighbors who have no access to the Good News! Your gift to Mongolia Frontier Mission Initiatives helps pioneering local leaders motivate and equip fellow Mongolians for church planting in frontier areas.

Frontier Fellowship staff travel regularly to visit and support our friends as they equip the Mongolian church for frontier missions. If you or your church are interested in joining us on a future trip to Mongolia, please contact us at


As they develop and implement new frontier mission paradigms within the Mongolian Church, Mongolia Frontier Mission Initiatives will produce frontier mission training events and materials, travel to unreached regions and provide specialized training for church planters, further increasing the Church’s capacity to reach least-reached people groups in Mongolia and beyond.