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Our 3-Year Vision

Frontier Fellowship invites and equips followers of Christ to go beyond the next hill in frontier mission. Together, as we partner with the global Church in God's mission, we can see least-reached people gain access to the Good News of Jesus.

Our big vision, over the next three years, is to multiply frontier engagement by inviting new churches, next-generation leaders and a more diverse community to partner in God's mission. Together, we will take the Gospel wider, deeper and farther to new frontiers!



EXPAND our team of frontier mobilizers

Foster vision in NEW churches + denominations

Develop NEXT-generation frontier leaders



LEARN together with our global partners

TRAIN churches for partnership effectiveness

DEEPEN relationships in our growing network



Help current partners EXPAND to new frontiers

Develop partnerships in NEW frontier regions

Our Goal



Total Cash Goal $2.6M

+ Planned giving: $230K of $500K goal committed

I love Frontier Fellowship’s Going Beyond Campaign because it takes us further into the world where the unreached peoples are and where no one is yet engaging them or reaching them. And that's the heart of frontier mission—to go where the Gospel has not yet gone, to carry it with us and to offer Good News to all peoples.
Rev. Dr. Richard Haney, Executive Director, Frontier Fellowship
First Presbyterian Harrisonburg (FPH) has supported Frontier Fellowship for most of the last two decades. The Global Mission Committee at FPH seriously appreciates Frontier Fellowship's emphasis on the Great Commission and on educating and offering participation by FPH in bringing the Gospel message to people groups who have not yet learned of Jesus' love and saving grace.
First Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Frontier Fellowship's plans are exciting, indeed. We thank you for including us in this adventure of faith. When people speak of capital campaigns, they are usually referring to buildings, but you are investing in people. Nothing is more consequential than the value of a human life... We are happy to participate in what God is doing through Frontier Fellowship.
Don + Ann Crittenden, Community Church of Hendersonville, Tennessee
As a pastor who's served multiple congregations, it's always been a challenge to catch the vision [of frontier mission]. But Frontier Fellowship's Campaign–our "Wider, Deeper, Farther" vision–is something that local churches can really latch onto and relate to. That's really exciting to me.
Rev. Dr. Doug Dye, Frontier Fellowship Board Chair
The Going Beyond Campaign has really allowed me to explore some things creatively in South Asia. I've been doing some work in a new-to-Frontier Fellowship country, starting to explore new relationships, new projects in a predominantly Muslim country. And it's also really allowed me to explore new relationships with congregations as well. Just knowing that Frontier Fellowship is thinking creatively allows a person that has creative thoughts and ideas to just kind of go and run with those ideas.
Rev. Jim Truesdell, Associate Director, Frontier Fellowship

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