Cross-cultural Vision Trips

God is at work on the frontier through our global partners. You can witness this work firsthand by participating in a cross-cultural vision trip. Our team regularly facilitates virtual and in-person vision trips, helping Christians come alongside indigenous leaders in Africa, Asia and the Middle East—to encourage one another, pray together and learn more about how to participate in God’s work among least-reached people groups. 

Many of our trips take place in security-sensitive parts of the world. For this reason, we do not publicly list all of our trip options. For more information on upcoming travel opportunities, or to request a virtual visit with one of our global partners, contact info@frontierfellowship.com.

Central Asia | Learn From Frontier Fellowship’s Central Asia partners
March 2024
Join Associate Directors Donald Marsden and Rita Johnson on a trip to Central Asia, where you will have the opportunity to experience Central Asia’s spectacular scenery, warm hospitality and unique cultures. This trip features three separate regional opportunities to participate in, each providing ways to see firsthand how Frontier Fellowship’s partners are serving their least-reached communities. For more information, download a printable flyer here or contact Frontier Fellowship’s National Office using the link below.
Contact Frontier Fellowship’s National Office For More Information

Long-term Service

Feeling drawn towards long-term, cross-cultural ministry? Explore opportunities with our sister organization, The Antioch Partners.