Taliilee Fiqruu

Dr. Taliilee B. Fiqruu
Associate Director

Taliilee’s frontier mission involvement began in 2001 as a volunteer soloist and worship leader with Light of Hope Ministry Ethiopia (LOHME) during her undergraduate studies at Mekane Yesus Seminary. She joined LOHME’s staff in 2006 and worked in various capacities, including ethno-music composer and program coordinator, before joining Frontier Fellowship in 2009. She now serves as a liaison between LOHME and US churches and facilitates short-term vision trips to support LOHME’s work in Ethiopia. She also mobilizes churches in the US to engage in frontier ministry with the Oromo diaspora by educating and empowering leaders and volunteers.

Taliilee earned her Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership followed by a Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives at Portland Seminary. She’s married to LOHME Director Urgessa Biru and enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, leading home Bible study groups, walking and coffee with friends.

Taliilee Fiqruu