Our Partners + Projects

We believe the Gospel is Good News for every part of life. Our partnerships with ministries around the world share a vision of introducing people to Jesus and fostering development and transformation in places that lack adequate access to literacy and education, Biblical training, healthcare, economic opportunity and social welfare.

As we connect the Western Church with the world’s least-reached people and places, we cultivate long-term, collaborative relationships with indigenous partners working for the physical and spiritual flourishing of their communities.


Numerous unreached people groups live in Darfur, a region in the west of Sudan. While Darfur experiences much turmoil, followers of Jesus are making God’s love evident to those longing for hope, peace and a more stable future. Project funds provide education and training for new leaders serving among the unreached people groups of Sudan. Donate now.

The Jimma Bethel Synod of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus is passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus’ power and love with the people of southwest Ethiopia—many of whom live in spiritual slavery to and fear of evil spirits. This project covers five key regions south of Jimma: Menja, Tsara, Dawro, Ameya and Kaffa. Funds for this project support evangelists who aren’t able to farm their land when they’re traveling to share the Gospel as well as leadership training for women and youth and contextualized approaches to ministry among the unreached. Donate now.

One of our partner organizations, Light of Hope Ministry Ethiopia (LOHME), is reaching out to over 10 million Arsi Oromo people. The ministry approach is holistic, focusing on literacy, health, church planting, Bible translation and evangelism among this Muslim people group. Teams of teacher-evangelists are trained and sent to villages that want a school in their community. Teachers build peaceful relationships between Muslims and emerging followers of Jesus and seek to plant churches that reflect the forms and traditions of the local culture.

LOHME also trains nurses and other health professionals to work in village health stations while sharing the Gospel with the communities they serve. Funds help build and furnish village schools and Light of Hope Academy, a Christian training college for nurses and teacher-evangelists, while also providing scholarships for college students and support for Bible translation work in the Arsi Oromo language. See below for a list of giving opportunities:

  • Arsi Bible Translation: Funds for this project subsidize the salaries of the translation team and provide for the publication, purchase and distribution of print and digital audio Bibles. Donate now.
  • ESL Training: Funds for this project cover the course curriculum materials to teach English to LOHME teachers, evangelists and high school students. Donate now.
  • Ethno Music: Funds for this project support recording, duplication and distribution expenses for contextualized Gospel music in the Arsi Oromo language. Donate now.
  • Light of Hope Academy: Funds support the construction of this training school, which will equip teachers and nurses to reach the Arsi Oromo people with a holistic Gospel. Donate now.
  • Primary School Building Fund: Many Arsi Oromo children lack education because there are no schools within walking distance of their villages. This project constructs schools requested by communities, creating educational opportunities as well as open doors for LOHME teacher-evangelists to share the Good News of Jesus in the villages where they are placed. Donate now.
  • School Desks: Funds for this project furnish 200 desks for every four-classroom LOHME school. Donate now.
  • Teacher Salary: Funds for this project subsidize the salary for LOHME-trained teachers to staff new schools. Donate now.
  • Teacher Training: Funds for this project cover LOHME’s expenses to train high school graduates to be teachers in LOHME schools. Donate now.

As more and more Dizi people turn to Jesus, the young and growing church around Maji is working tirelessly to train and equip pastors, evangelists and leaders to respond to the increasing needs of those seeking to learn more about Jesus. The Holy Spirit has convicted the Maji church to practice stewardship and work toward sustainability. Funds for this project will help establish an apple tree nursery. In time, this will generate income to subsidize the Maji health clinic and church leaders’ salaries and provide a unique source of nutrition for the people living in the highlands of southwest Ethiopia. Donate now.

Strong cross-cultural relationships are the basic building blocks of frontier mission. Funds for this project cover travel expenses for pastors and other representatives of the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger to visit partners in the United States and form deeper bonds for future ministry partnership. Donate now.

Ongoing conflict in Sudan and South Sudan has displaced many people and forced them to seek safety in neighboring countries. We’ve partnered with a group of pastors who are now expanding their ministry to serve among these refugees in East and Central Africa. They’re finding opportunities to build relationships in refugee camps with formerly unreached people groups, meeting practical needs and creating access to the Good News of Jesus. Funds for this project support efforts such as pastoral training, trauma counseling and travel between ministry areas. Donate now.

The Suri, traditional religionists from a Southwest Ethiopian oral culture, haven’t had a written language until now. Frontier Fellowship is partnering with an ongoing Bible translation project to introduce literacy programs for children and adults. In cooperation with the Ethiopian government’s Ministry of Education, children will be taught to read using the Bible—the only available written resource in the Suri language—as part of their standard education. Funds for this project will help train and support literacy teachers, develop preschool and elementary materials, train native Suri speakers as public school teachers and translate 30 Bible stories and three books of the Bible. Donate now.

Middle East

Frontier Fellowship partners with ministries in the Middle East that are responding to the overwhelming interest among Arab Muslims to know more about Jesus. Funds for this project provide support for a ministry that disciples and equips new followers of Jesus in the Arab world, supporting and encouraging them in practical ways as they learn to walk out their faith in Jesus. Donate now.

Frontier Fellowship partners with ministries in the Middle East that are responding to the overwhelming interest among Arab Muslims to know more about Jesus. Funds for this project provide support for a ministry that is reaching out to Arab seekers in the Middle East and Europe in culturally sensitive and compassionate ways with Arabic Bibles and other teaching resources. Donate now.

There’s an above-ground, historical Arab church in Egypt, and there’s also a growing, underground church composed of people from different cultural backgrounds. This underground church meets in living rooms, homes and conference centers. New followers of Jesus are being taught and discipled by a network of leaders who are respectful of cultural differences and gifted at answering fresh inquiries about the claims of Christ. They are also responding to the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of the rising number of refugees entering Egypt. Fund for this project go directly to the unique needs of these workers and new disciples. Donate now.

In many respects, Arab countries in the Middle East look to Egypt for leadership regarding culture, art, business and government. Egypt also leads the Arab world with the highest number of Christians within the country. God has given Egyptian followers of Jesus a vision to share the Gospel with other Arab countries and Europe, and over 40 Egyptian missionaries are now being supported through Frontier Fellowship. Funds for this project will help support additional Egyptian workers to respond to the overwhelming interest among Muslims to know more about Jesus. Donate now.

As Muslims find faith in Jesus and the underground church in Egypt grows, two of the greatest needs are for discipleship training tools and for trusting, healing, peacemaking environments between above-ground and underground church members. Funds for this project supply books and videos written especially for Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) on the road of discipleship with Jesus as well as training events to encourage and equip above-ground church leaders to reach out to MBBs with hospitality, love and support. Donate now.

The underground church in the Persian world is experiencing phenomenal growth. Frontier Fellowship partners with key leaders and ministries to respond to the needs of this growing church. Funds for this project provide theological and practical training for pastors and leaders engaged in God’s work among Persians. Donate now.

The Gospel is quickly taking root in the Arab world like never before. Recognizing the strategic value of equipping the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo with frontier mission training, Frontier Fellowship helped fund an Arabic translation of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Perspectives is now part of the required coursework at the seminary, casting the vision for frontier mission to future leaders of the Egyptian church. Funds for this ongoing project will be used to print and distribute Perspectives books, train teachers in the Perspectives curriculum and subsidize expenses for classes. Donate now.

Central Asia

Few resources and services are available to people living in underdeveloped areas of Central Asia. Frontier Fellowship partners with a Christian-led community center that models the love and care of Jesus to over 16,000 people from 39 villages, most of whom are Muslims from numerous unreached people groups. This center is a hub of activity bringing opportunity and transformation through healthcare services, computer and internet access, a radio station and agricultural training. In addition, children can receive supplemental education through classes in math, English and computer skills. Funds for this project will help provide school supplies, computer equipment, facility improvements and teacher salaries. Donate now.

A locally-led NGO operates this shelter, offering physical, emotional and spiritual support to women from five ethnic groups seeking refuge from human trafficking, forced prostitution, domestic violence and abandonment. The shelter provides lodging, food, basic necessities, medical and prenatal care, counseling, legal aid and educational support for women’s children. A recently-opened cafe generates income for the shelter and provides vocational training. Funds for this project will help the ministry move toward self-sustainability as it continues to create space for God’s healing and restoration of women. Donate now.

South Asia

The projects below exist to provide evangelists with the tools and support needed for taking the Gospel to those who haven’t yet heard. To direct your gift to the project with the most immediate need, donate here.

  • Finishing the Task: Frontier Fellowship has made a commitment through Finishing the Task to send new indigenous teams in India to share the Good News of Jesus with four unengaged, unreached people groups. Funds for this project cover annual ministry and living expenses for church planting teams serving the Bairagi, Bandhi Nagalu, Chanao and Gandharv in northern India. Donate now.
  • Tools: Funds for this project provide equipment such as audio devices with Scripture in numerous languages, musical instruments for house churches and motorcycles or bicycles for Indian evangelists and church planters traveling long miles to reach the millions of unengaged peoples in northern India. Donate now.

Frontier Fellowship is privileged to partner with indigenous ministries serving at the forefront of church planting and disciple-making movements among India’s 2,500+ unreached people groups. These ministries demonstrate the Gospel in holistic ways and provide not only training in discipleship, church planting and evangelism, but also promote community development efforts like microfinance projects, health education, women’s initiatives, children’s homes, adult literacy programs and training in sustainable farming and small business practices. To make a general contribution to the exciting movement of God in northern India, donate here.

See below for more information about specific Frontier Fellowship ministry partners.

  • Empower Believers Connections (EBC): EBC exists to multiply disciples and transform communities through partnerships with established churches and organizations across northern India. Donate now.
  • New Life Mission Church (NLMC): NLMC’s vision is for holistic community development among India’s unengaged, unreached people groups through a large network of house churches and church planting initiatives. Donate now.
  • Starfish Alliance: Starfish Alliance focuses on mentoring and equipping Muslim and Hindu background believers who are influential community leaders and scholars. This project supports quarterly gatherings to strengthen new believers in their faith through fellowship, discipleship and evangelism training. Donate now.

The Meghwal and Bhil peoples of Pakistan are not only unreached people groups—they’re considered outcasts by their own society. Social groups above them keep the Meghwal and Bhil trapped in a cycle of poverty, and their children aren’t welcome in local schools. Schools in the Sand provides opportunities for these children to study for and take the government exam, which gives them access to 6th grade in a government school and the chance to further their education. Through this educational ministry, families are also being reached with the Gospel. Donate now.

A team in a South Asian nation is working on a Bible translation in a language spoken by over 200 million speakers in the Muslim world. Funds for this project support the ongoing translation effort. Donate now.


Rapidly growing numbers of migrants and refugees are entering Europe from nations that restrict Gospel access. As they settle into cultural contexts that are more open to exploration and freedom of expression, opportunities are ripe to share the Good News of Jesus. Funds for this project provide support and training for workers who are developing initiatives aimed at introducing Jesus to migrant workers and refugees in European megacities. Donate now.

Pars Theological Centre is a London-based ministry equipping and mobilizing the emerging Iranian Church. Since 2010, Pars has served followers of Jesus in Iran and the Iranian diaspora by providing spiritual formation and theological education through an online BA program, publications, media, leadership forums, pastoral training and counseling. Your gift helps Pars cultivate men and women of influence to serve and lead the Iranian Church, transforming the Persian-speaking world for the glory of God. Donate now.


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a 15-week course highlighting the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic aspects of God’s global purpose. It’s a powerful, effective tool for mobilizing and equipping the Church to respond to God’s call in mission. Funds for this project will help expand the reach of the Perspectives training by translating teaching material into other languages. Donate now.