The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) has been training pastors for the Synod of the Nile for over 150 years. In recent years, however, it has begun to train church planters and missionaries as well. In 2003, Frontier Fellowship helped with the establishment of the Missions Department at ETSC. Since then, our ongoing partnership has enabled the ETSC Missions Department to translate frontier mission materials into Arabic and support graduating frontier missionaries. On a need basis, we also help professors promote frontier missions through their research and teaching projects.



ETSC Summer Internship Program: Each year, ETSC identifies students who have a particular interest in frontier mission. Your gift to the ETSC Summer Internship Program helps provide the funds necessary for these students to participate in a 6-8 week summer internship experience in least-reached communities throughout North Africa and the Middle East. DONATE NOW

Perspectives Development (Egypt): The Gospel is quickly taking root in the Arab world like never before. Recognizing the strategic value of equipping ETSC with frontier mission training, Frontier Fellowship helped fund an Arabic translation of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Perspectives is now part of the required coursework at the seminary, casting the vision for frontier mission to future leaders of the Egyptian church. Funds for this ongoing project will be used to print and distribute Perspectives books, train teachers in the Perspectives curriculum and subsidize expenses for classes. DONATE NOW

Frontier Fellowship regularly facilitates virtual and in-person vision trips to see firsthand how God is at work through our global partners. Click here for updated information and available opportunities.

Informed intercession is vital to frontier mission. Through prayer, we partner with God as He changes hearts and crosses borders. Visit our Pray page to view and download our prayer guides, or to join our prayer team.

Our team of mobilizers is ready to help you engage with the ETSC Missions Department. To take the next step in your frontier mission journey, contact us here.


Thanks to the ETSC Missions Department’s leadership, the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course is now part of the required curriculum for every student at the seminary, regardless of what future leadership role they will assume. Through the support of Frontier Fellowship, ETSC is now promoting and teaching frontier missions and providing for the preparation needed to become a missionary for those being called.