Women’s Shelter: City / Central Asia

Throughout Central Asia, high unemployment rates and gender inequality lead to despair and family dysfunction including domestic violence. In one of the region’s capital cities, a local women’s shelter is serving at-risk women and their children—many of whom are fleeing abusive households. Women’s Shelter: City provides housing and services for these families, and also offers vocational training for shelter residents and at-risk women in the community. Followers of Jesus on staff at the shelter are sharing God’s love in word and deed with women and children, helping them heal from physical and emotional wounds and prepare for lives free of violence.



Your gift to Women’s Shelter: City has a direct impact on the daily operations of the shelter. While the needs of the shelter are always best determined by the local directors, here are examples of what your giving helps provide: qualified staffing, meals, clothing, bedding, training classes, counseling, childcare and much more. DONATE NOW

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Every year, scores of women receive counseling and other services provided by a Christian staff. These women, and additional ladies who live with relatives, also receive training in vocational skills to provide income for themselves and their children. Some also have the opportunity for on-the-job training in cooking, baking, and food service. Many of these women have never heard about Jesus, and most have never had a Christian friend or even a neighbor before coming to these shelters.