Tavriski Christian Institute (TCI) is an Eastern European-based ministry training school with extension programs in several nations of Central Asia where the Church is very small and just beginning to emerge. Through its partnerships, TCI trains Christian leaders in Central Asia who are grounded in the word of God and will be effective in ministry over the long term in frontier regions of the world where the Church hardly exists. Because of TCI’s training, these leaders are better equipped to share the Good News of Jesus throughout Central Asia. TCI not only trains its students but also continues to mentor and coach them as they engage in church planting, youth ministry, community health, Bible translation and engagement, and the translation of Christian resources.



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TCI is strengthening the work of the Church in Central Asia (where there is a critical shortage of trained leaders) by developing theologically grounded, spiritually mature Christian leaders who are equipped to pioneer new pathways of ministry where they do not exist, train other leaders and share the Good News among least-reached peoples.