George & Pamela Pendergrass

George & Pamela Pendergrass
Associate Directors

George and Pamela have served for over 30 years together in music, education and ministry. They both hold master’s degrees from Duquesne University, George in Community Leadership and Pamela in Business Ethics. George was a lead singer for the award-winning ensemble Acappella and has had the honor of working on projects with a wide range of artists, including U2, Vanessa Williams and Amy Grant. After many years on the road, they went on to work for the Milton Hershey School in residential education. Together they’ve traveled on short-term mission trips to Europe, Kenya, South America and Thailand. God’s call to frontier mission mobilization among people of color grew out of an Egypt vision trip with our team.

Pamela enjoys discovering new foods and cooking, and George enjoys music, camping, gardening and developing survival skills. They have a son, a daughter-in-law and three beautiful grandsons.

George + Pamela Pendergrass