The underground church in the Persian world is experiencing phenomenal growth. There are over 20 underground church networks in Iran today, each consisting of approximately 800 house churches and growing. Persian Network Development (PND) is one such network serving the Iranian Church. They provide biblical and leadership training for pastors and leaders engaged in God’s work among Persians. PND also helps fund the printing and distribution of Farsi-language Bibles for members of this network.



Your gift to Persian Network Development supports the training and equipping of Christian leaders throughout the Persian world and opens avenues of Gospel access for Farsi speakers in Iran and beyond. DONATE NOW



Farsi Bibles
The underground church in Iran is one of the fastest-growing churches in the world. New followers of Jesus there want desperately to read this new, unique translation of the Bible, which is very difficult to find. Your gift helps Farsi speakers access God’s Word in their heart language. $60 provides 10 Farsi Bibles. DONATE NOW

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Underground churches in Iran are comprised almost exclusively of Christ-followers from Muslim backgrounds. As more Farsi-speaking people choose to follow Jesus, they are eager to share the Good News with others, impacting the Farsi-speaking world in the Middle East and beyond.