Light of Hope Ministry Ethiopia (LOHME) is an indigenous ministry reaching out to over 10 million Arsi Oromo people. Their approach is holistic, focusing on literacy, health, church planting, Bible engagement and evangelism among this unreached people group. Teams of “teacher-evangelists” are trained and sent to villages that want a school in their community. Teachers build peaceful relationships between unreached Arsi Oromo peoples and emerging followers of Jesus, and seek to plant churches that reflect the forms and traditions of the local culture. LOHME also trains nurses and other health professionals to work in village health stations while sharing the Gospel with the communities they serve.



Funds for Light of Hope Ministry Ethiopia will support their frontier mission work among the world’s 10+ million Arsi Oromo people by helping provide resources like training for church planters, teacher-evangelists, worship leaders and health professionals; primary school construction; and Arsi Oromo Bibles and worship albums. DONATE NOW



Arsi Bible Translation
Funds for this project help provide for the publication, purchase and distribution of print and digital audio Bibles. DONATE NOW

ESL Training
Funds for this project help cover the cost to produce curriculum materials to teach English to LOHME teacher-evangelists and high school students. DONATE NOW

Ethno Music
Funds for this project support recording, duplication and distribution expenses for contextualized Gospel music in the Arsi Oromo language. DONATE NOW

Light of Hope Academy
Funds for this project support the construction of a training school, which will equip teachers and nurses with a holistic approach to sharing the Good News of Jesus with Arsi Oromo people. DONATE NOW

Primary School Building Fund
Many Arsi Oromo children lack education because there are no schools within walking distance of their villages. Funds for this project help provide the resources necessary to construct primary schools, creating educational opportunities as well as open doors for LOHME teacher-evangelists to share the Good News of Jesus in the villages where they are placed. DONATE NOW

School Desks
Funds for this project help furnish the 200 school desks needed for every four-classroom LOHME school. DONATE NOW

Teacher Salary
Funds for this project help subsidize the salary for LOHME teacher-evangelists to staff new schools. DONATE NOW

Teacher Training
Funds for this project help provide training for high school graduates to be teacher-evangelists in LOHME schools. DONATE NOW

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For more than 20 years, God has used LOHME to bring dignity and opportunity to millions of Arsi Oromo people. More than 50 primary schools have been constructed and thousands of teachers trained, opening up avenues of Gospel access and education to more than 300,000 Arsi Oromo children and their families.

LOHME is committed to seeing God’s Church among the Arsi Oromo thrive. They led a multi-year Bible translation effort and are now distributing Arsi Oromo Bibles. More than 100 worship leaders have been trained, and worship albums are now being distributed worldwide in the Arsi Oromo dialect and musical style. LOHME leaders are equipping local pastors, and thousands of Oromo-speaking churches have been planted. The seeds LOHME has planted are bearing great fruit, and God’s Kingdom is being made known among the Arsi Oromo people!