There is a known, long-established Arab Church in Egypt, and there’s also a growing underground church made up of people from different cultural backgrounds. Discipleship + Fellowship Ministries—a network of wise, gifted leaders—is discipling new followers of Jesus in culturally sensitive ways, providing discipleship opportunities and materials for people eager to grow in faith. They’re also responding to the needs of the rising number of refugees entering Egypt, helping with such things as job training, housing and legal fees for immigration lawyers.



Your gift to Discipleship + Fellowship Ministries supports their frontier mission efforts in Egypt, helping them provide discipleship opportunities and materials for Muslim-background believers eager to know more about Christ. DONATE NOW



MBB Training + Equipping

As Muslims find faith in Jesus and the underground church in Egypt grows, two of the greatest needs are for discipleship training tools and for trusting, healing, peacemaking environments between members of the known, long-established Arab Church and the underground church. Funds for this project supply books and videos written especially for Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) on the road of discipleship with Jesus as well as training events to encourage and equip Arab Church leaders to reach out to MBBs with hospitality, love and support. DONATE NOW

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Informed intercession is vital to frontier mission. Through prayer, we partner with God as He changes hearts and crosses borders. Visit our Pray page to view and download our prayer guides, or to join our prayer team.

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In recent years, the number of Muslims coming to faith in Egypt is astounding—some say there are now nearly 5 million former Muslims who call themselves followers of Jesus. However, these new Christians are often persecuted for their faith and are forced to have fellowship in underground settings to remain undetected. Discipleship + Fellowship Ministries is helping meet the unique needs of these brave followers of Jesus, supporting them with discipleship resources and encouragement as they grow in faith.