Afghan refugees are among the largest refugee populations in the world. Many end up in South Asia for many years as they await resettlement in other nations. The Afghan Refugee Academy (ARA), located in South Asia and staffed by Christian teachers, is a secondary school for Afghan refugee students and families.

Recognizing the importance of stability to a successful education, ARA employs a holistic approach in their mission to help refugee students graduate. In addition to offering high-quality education, ARA also provides support that includes students’ families, health and well-being. Based on years of experience with refugees, ARA staff are well-positioned to receive and serve families from Afghanistan with the love of Christ.



Your gift to the Afghan Refugee Academy helps provide funding for the core ministry operations of the academy, creating opportunities for them to share the Good News of Jesus—in word and deed—with least-reached peoples. These operations are primarily used to support the school, but increasingly also are used to care for the holistic needs of the refugee students and their families. While the needs of the academy are always best determined by the local directors, here are examples of what your giving helps provide: student scholarships, staff development, operational costs, school supplies, relief items, and much more. DONATE NOW

Frontier Fellowship regularly facilitates virtual and in-person vision trips to see firsthand how God is at work through our global partners. Click here for updated information and available opportunities.

Informed intercession is vital to frontier mission. Through prayer, we partner with God as He changes hearts and crosses borders. Visit our Pray page to view and download our prayer guides, or to join our prayer team.

Frontier Fellowship will endeavor to connect congregations in several ways beyond financial support. These include: annual vision trips to the Academy, opportunities to meet or even tutor students by Zoom and regular prayer updates from the ministry leaders. Our team of mobilizers is ready to help you engage with the Afghan Refugee Academy. To take the next step in your frontier mission journey, contact us here.


Through ARA, Afghan students are obtaining secondary school degrees and refugee families are finding stability amidst tumultuous times. Through the relational nature of ARA’s multi-faceted ministry, unreached peoples—most of whom have never known a follower of Jesus—will have substantial interaction with Christians who are demonstrating the love of Christ in word and deed. There have been and will be opportunities for deeper conversations with students and families seeking to learn more about the hope professed by those welcoming and supporting new refugees.